"Building Your Dream."


When we innovate, perennial problems disappear. We observe the situation, isolate the problem and build a solution to fill the gap. At Benfils, we build dreams by providing solutions through innovation. Welcome to "Building your dream".



Developed by builders for builders: SmartProjects is the ultimate Project Management Tool. SmartProjects gives you real time status of your project, drawing feeds from your site manager, procurement officer and project manager's portal. It takes away the headache of project report writing (this is automated) and avails all your documents, images and drawings in one central repository. With the flexibility of different viewer and functional accounts, SmartProjects is the best tool yet developed for project management.
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Everyone is dreaming of the day construction becomes cost effective. We are not. We have already solved the puzzle! JengaSmart is the revolutionary solution to Cost effective and time efficient construction. JengaSmart eliminates the high costs occassioned by multiple taxation and mark-ups that the traditional model has embodied. JengaSmart puts Design, Supply and labour on the same platform and has proven to cut costs by upto 40%, yes 40% of what traditional systems of construction would realise. JengaSmart is a smart move because it addresses the Key issue: MONEY
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SpendTrack is the one-stop solution for all your financial services needs. It has been designed to help you track your income, expenditure and networth while automatically generating your accounting and tax reports that are ready for submission to the revenue authority. Sign up today and enjoy unparalleled financial services for you and your business.
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There was a time when we bought weekly newspapers just for the opinion columns. Times have changed and the space has become crowded. Our need for good opinion pieces however remain unsatisfied. TalkPoint presents an organized setup where online discussions are stratified and organized depending on areas of interest. TalkPoint is now your one-stop platform for considered opinion. When all the noise has died down, get the considered opinion on TalkPoint.
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