Benfils Limited is a project management and tech solutions development company with ground-breaking software solutions in construction management and tech space.
Benfils prides herself in developing revolutionary products that solve everyday problems and make life easier. We have a trained eye for social challenges, a focus on gaps and a knack for developing befitting solutions cost effectively and comfortably. Our overall goal is to save money and make life easier and more abundant while delivering superior value to all who use our products and services.

Ever wondered where the money disappeared to? Are you familiar with the question “Where did the money go?” Well, SpendTrack has the answer. SpendTrack helps you track all the money that you are spending in real time. Available both as mobile and a webApp, Spendtrack will track and analyse all your expenditure and give you detailed monthly reports on where your money went so you can take control and plan your way into financial freedom. See more ...or get the App

Talkpoint is a platform designed specifically to address the jumbled nature of existing discourse platforms. Talkpoint presents an organised setup where online discussions are stratified and organized per interest. TalkPoint also allows access to news feeds from different sources in your country or any other country of your preference, all in one click. When you land at TalkPoint, you are sorted ... go to TalkPoint

Developed for builders by builders, SmartProject is the ultimate Project Management Tool. A complenting tool to JengaSmart, SmartProject gives you real time status of your project drawing from feeds from your site, procurement officer and project manager. iProject takes away the headache of project report writing (this is automated) and avails all your documents, images and drawings in one central repository. With the flexibility of different viewer and functional accounts, SmartProjects is the best tool yet developed for project management go to App

We have cracked the code to affordable housing! JengaSmart is the revolutionary solution to Cost effective and Time Efficient construction. JengaSmart eliminates the high costs occasioned by multiple taxation and mark-ups that the traditional construction model has embodied. JengaSmart puts Design, Supply and labour on the same platform and has proven to cut costs by up to 40%, yes up to 40% of what traditional systems of construction would realise. Contact us today and enjoy the bliss that can be construction

The day to day hassle of transport scheduling for organisations is over. MyTransport is the master scheduler for transportation within medium to large organisation. With MyTransport application, there are no conflicts, no double allocations and certainly no headache for the transport manager and the entire organisation. Get the application customised to your organisation and see it for yourself

With the growing increase in the development of web applications and websites, Benfils provides a solution to web based services. Want a portal for your company or a website for your portfolio or just maybe a tool for a redundant daily task at the office? Well, you are at the right place, contact us and get quality services for your needs.

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